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February 2006

February 28, 2006
Google Shows Its Age

At less than 10 years old, Google is no longer a spring chicken. The search engine giant's stock went into a tailspin Tuesday when Chief Financial Officer George Reyes said advertising revenue growth is slowing. The disclosure at a Merrill Lynch Internet Advertising conference in New York sparked wide selling on Wall Street, as the American Stock Exchange Internet Index fell more than 3 percent.

. . . Full Story: "Google Shows Its Age"

Posted by Antone Gonsalves at 08:31 PM | Permalink | Comments

February 28, 2006
Dealing With The Computer Viruses On Mouse And Keyboard

Both companies and individuals have become much more successful lately coping with computer viruses by buying, installing and using anti-virus software. But what about the REAL germs living on your mouse and keyboard?

. . . Full Story: "Dealing With The Computer Viruses On Mouse And Keyboard"

Posted by Mike Elgan at 02:05 PM | Permalink | Comments

February 27, 2006
For Apple, There's No Business Like Show Business

Apple plans to announce something tomorrow, and the rumor mill is working overtime trying to guess what that announcement might be. Over the weekend, one possibility -- a big-screen video iPod -- was knocked out of contention after a hoaxter posted a step-by-step video about how he created the fake prototype photo everyone was buzzing about.

. . . Full Story: "For Apple, There's No Business Like Show Business"

Posted by Mike Elgan at 04:31 PM | Permalink | Comments

February 23, 2006
IM Skyrockets, E-Mail Declines Among Young

A whopping 66 percent -- two thirds -- of "young online users" (13 to 21) send more instant messages than e-mail messages, according to a study by America Online. That's up from last year, when just 49 percent claimed to send more IMs than e-mails.

. . . Full Story: "IM Skyrockets, E-Mail Declines Among Young"

Posted by Mike Elgan at 09:28 AM | Permalink | Comments

February 22, 2006
Site Offers $35 Unlimited PSP Games For Life

A company called is offering unlimited game and movie downloads for the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) for life. The Price? $34.95 -- basically a rounding error. Normally the fee is $74.95, but they're offering a promotional price until tomorrow (Thursday). Sounds great, but what's the catch?

. . . Full Story: "Site Offers $35 Unlimited PSP Games For Life"

Posted by Mike Elgan at 09:53 AM | Permalink | Comments

February 22, 2006
Will Porn Copyright Ruling Endanger Google Book Scanning?

An injunction banning Google Image Search from displaying nude photos from Perfect 10, an adult-oriented Web site, may have implications for Google's book-scanning project, for which it is also being sued.

. . . Full Story: "Will Porn Copyright Ruling Endanger Google Book Scanning?"

Posted by Preston Gralla at 09:24 AM | Permalink | Comments

February 17, 2006
Why Everyone Needs A Remote-Controlled Shark Robot

I love the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog. Though overpriced, the store tries really hard to find both cool and exclusive products, many of which are just awesome toys you couldn't even imagine when you were a child. One great example is a new remote-controlled robotic shark.

. . . Full Story: "Why Everyone Needs A Remote-Controlled Shark Robot"

Posted by Mike Elgan at 10:12 AM | Permalink | Comments

February 14, 2006
Nokia Working On Next-Gen 770 Tablets

Nokia staff at the 3GSM show have revealed that Nokia is working on follow-on models to the Linux-based Nokia 770, which Personal Tech Pipeline reviewed recently. The 770 is a table form-factor device with an 800x480 screen optimized for Web surfing.

. . . Full Story: "Nokia Working On Next-Gen 770 Tablets"

Posted by Mike Elgan at 12:47 PM | Permalink | Comments

February 13, 2006
Finally: The Right Kind Of Cell Phone Innovation

My Treo 650 is a marvel of engineering. It's packed with amazing features and capabilities, including a digital camera, Bluetooth support, thousands of available downloadable software programs, QWERTY keyboard and much, much more. I just wish I could turn off that annoying blinking green light.

. . . Full Story: "Finally: The Right Kind Of Cell Phone Innovation"

Posted by Mike Elgan at 11:32 PM | Permalink | Comments

February 02, 2006
Palm Treo 800p Rumor In Circulation

I told you back in November about three new Treo smartphones from Palm expected to ship in 2006: 1) A Windows Mobile version; 2) an inexpensive device code-named "Lowrider"; and 3) a sleek, internal-antenna 3G device code-named "Hollywood." Since then, the Windows Mobile device has shipped, and we haven't heard a peep about the other two.

. . . Full Story: "Palm Treo 800p Rumor In Circulation"

Posted by Mike Elgan at 10:44 AM | Permalink | Comments


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