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December 2005

December 28, 2005
Rumor: TiVo To Announce DirecTV, Dish Partnership At CES

A rumor is circulating online that TiVo will announce at the upcoming CES show next month in Las Vegas a partnership with DirecTV and Dish Network over mobile content. The idea is to unite on a standard for supporting content that can be viewed on portable devices.

. . . Full Story: "Rumor: TiVo To Announce DirecTV, Dish Partnership At CES"

Posted by Mike Elgan at 06:24 PM | Permalink | Comments

December 27, 2005
Learning From The Gadget Of The Year

Apple's iPod nano combines form and function better than any device I've ever seen and is, by far, my personal Gadget Of The Year. But it also is at the core of a business model that cellular operators would do well to avoid

. . . Full Story: "Learning From The Gadget Of The Year"

Posted by David Haskin at 11:16 AM | Permalink | Comments

December 27, 2005
'Intel Inside' Out

India's The Economic Times reports that Intel's longstanding tag line "Intel Inside" will be dropped next month after 14 years of use, according to unnamed insiders. The company will roll out a new logo and possibly a new advertising campaign.

. . . Full Story: "'Intel Inside' Out"

Posted by Mike Elgan at 11:05 AM | Permalink | Comments

December 23, 2005
Rumor: Microsoft to Buy Opera

Rumor has it that Microsoft plans to buy browser rival Opera - a Norway-based company that makes a small browser with a big cult following. Opera denies the rumor.

. . . Full Story: "Rumor: Microsoft to Buy Opera"

Posted by Mike Elgan at 08:30 AM | Permalink | Comments

December 21, 2005
Palm Outruns The Grim Reaper

A year ago, I wondered in a blog if Palm had a death wish. Sales of its mainstay PDAs were tanking and its Treo smartphone was much-discussed but still a novelty. Now, Palm's most recent quarterly report confirms it's about to hit the big time.

. . . Full Story: "Palm Outruns The Grim Reaper"

Posted by David Haskin at 09:59 AM | Permalink | Comments

December 20, 2005
A Rearview Mirror On Steroids

A small California company called Crimestopper plans to unveil at the Consumer Electronics Show next month a rearview mirror called the NavPro NP3000 series mirror that features an embedded 4.5-inch LCD display and GPS electronics. In addition to providing GPS directions, the small screen will show live video from a camera in the bumper whenever the car is going in reverse.

Pricing has not been announced.

. . . Full Story: "A Rearview Mirror On Steroids"

Posted by Mike Elgan at 09:48 AM | Permalink | Comments

December 20, 2005
Mobile Video: The Application Nobody Asked For

From the 'no $@#' department, a study released last week said cellular operators could make a lot of money from mobile TV -- if consumers want it. That's like saying there's a ton of potential revenue for mobile bowling using phones as balls -- if only subscribers wanted it.

. . . Full Story: "Mobile Video: The Application Nobody Asked For"

Posted by David Haskin at 09:20 AM | Permalink | Comments

December 19, 2005
Music Downloads Take Over At Christmas

The BBC and the Financial Times are reporting that music downloads, more than CD sales, will determine which artist will be named number one on the charts at Christmas by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI).

Last year, the organization said, downloads accounted for just 25 percent of weekly singles sales. But this year, they represent 70 percent.

Posted by Mike Elgan at 08:21 AM | Permalink | Comments

December 18, 2005
How To Make A Gadget Gift Great

I bravely waded into an Apple Store in a Houston, Texas, mall this week -- it was like entering a cage full of rabid badgers. Holiday shoppers were ransacking the joint for Apple goodies, accessories, software, and most of all, iPods. Not coincidentally, the "record store" next door was almost empty. This holiday appears to signal the inevitable music purchasing shift from disc to download.

. . . Full Story: "How To Make A Gadget Gift Great"

Posted by Mike Elgan at 10:47 PM | Permalink | Comments

December 16, 2005
Google Beating Microsoft Again

Google may soon win the battle against Microsoft for a stake in America Online. The search engine is reportedly in exclusive negotiations to buy a share of the Web portal for $1 billion. If the deal goes through, it could rock the search-portal market.

. . . Full Story: "Google Beating Microsoft Again"

Posted by Antone Gonsalves at 09:24 PM | Permalink | Comments

December 14, 2005
Ho, Ho, Hold On A Minute!

Don't look now, but the holidays are coming. That means it’s time to get off your duff and get that gift shopping done. Naturally, we at Personal Tech Pipeline recommend gadgets for all your loved ones this year.

By the way, you're not planning to do your shopping at the mall again, are you? We live in an era of incredible toys and life-enhancing products that are extremely affordable (thanks to Moore's Law and price-comparison Web sites) and will be delivered directly to you -- or to the gift's recipient. Why not take full advantage of today's technology when holiday shopping?

. . . Full Story: "Ho, Ho, Hold On A Minute!"

Posted by Mike Elgan at 10:00 AM | Permalink | Comments

December 14, 2005
Wi-Fi And Parental Paranoia

One powerful but underused application for Wi-Fi is tracking inventory that's always moving around. Now, apparently, kids are considered inventory and Wi-Fi technology is being used to track them, too.

. . . Full Story: "Wi-Fi And Parental Paranoia"

Posted by David Haskin at 09:56 AM | Permalink | Comments

December 12, 2005
Cellcos Can't Compete Against iPod

I've mentioned before that TV and video on cell phones, such as the service introduced today by Sprint, won't be wildly successful because they're not mobile -- you have to stop to watch. But here's one more reason: Cellular operators don't understand they're competing against the iPod.

. . . Full Story: "Cellcos Can't Compete Against iPod"

Posted by David Haskin at 10:09 AM | Permalink | Comments

December 08, 2005
Guys: Never Ask For Directions Again!

You no doubt saw Fred Langa's awesome piece on hardcore, advanced trip planning. If you're really serious about off-the-beaten track trip planning, there's no substitute for the specialized mapping and routing sites he talks about. But for everyday getting around -- without asking directions -- Verizon Wireless customers using Motorola's V325 phone have a new option.

. . . Full Story: "Guys: Never Ask For Directions Again!"

Posted by Mike Elgan at 09:07 AM | Permalink | Comments

December 07, 2005
Google Cleans Up A Mess Microsoft Made

Google has had its share of problems lately -- the messy backlash over its plan to scan whole libraries of books is still spreading, for example. But it's cleaned up one mess it didn't even make.

Last week an Israeli hacker, Matan Gillon, posted his discovery of a bug in Internet Explorer (I know it's not exactly big news that there are bugs in IE, but bear with me, this one gets interesting). He used a malicious cascading style sheet to exploit the IE bug and get Google Desktop Search to reveal the user information stored on the target PC.

Google patched the problem on Monday, so if you run Google Desktop you're protected -- the program updates itself automatically.

. . . Full Story: "Google Cleans Up A Mess Microsoft Made"

Posted by David DeJean at 01:25 PM | Permalink | Comments

December 06, 2005
Of Minute Rip-Offs and Cameraphones

The just-completed Mobile Pipeline Voting Booth survey confirmed that most of us are buying cellular minutes we don't use, which is a rip-off. Are cameraphones a similar rip-off?

. . . Full Story: "Of Minute Rip-Offs and Cameraphones"

Posted by David Haskin at 09:25 AM | Permalink | Comments

December 06, 2005
TV-On-iPod Gets Realer And Realer

Don't look now, but Apple is suddenly offering TV shows on iTunes for downloading to and viewing on the new video-capable iPod from NBC, SciFi and USA. It still costs $1.99 per show. (via Engadget)

Posted by Mike Elgan at 07:55 AM | Permalink | Comments

December 05, 2005
The Beginning Of The End For Spam

Here's a shocking prediction: The volume of spam is going to fall off in 2006. Why? Because it has to. It will outlive its usefulness to spammers. It's become it's own worst enemy, too prevalent to be effective. Spam needs people to open e-mails and attachments, and no matter what new enticements are tried anymore, we don't trust them enough to do their bidding.

Ok, some of us are still learning, but we've all had to deal with spam. We know what it looks like, smells like and feels like, even when it purports to be something else. For most of us, it's more annoying than dangerous, because we toss everything that might be spam. We have to. The attachments are just as likely to come loaded with worms and viruses as come-ons for winning a free I-pod.

Spam will eventually crumple under its own weight. Can those that employ spam for marketing and advertising find the techniques even remotely effective anymore when we just delete what doesn't head straight for the spam bucket?

At this point, you've already asked yourself, twice, what I've been smoking. If you're like me, you're looking to change your ISP yet again because you've just deleted your 83rd spam e-mail before noon. It sure doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon.

. . . Full Story: "The Beginning Of The End For Spam"

Posted by Mitch Irsfeld at 08:08 PM | Permalink | Comments

December 05, 2005
What's Wrong With Google's Gmail Anti-Virus?

Google rolled out a new anti-virus component to its free e-mail service, Gmail. It augments the old protection, which merely blocks any attached executable file, such as those ending in the .EXE extension. The anti-virus technology provider behind the service is being kept secret. Free e-mail with free anti-virus protection. What's wrong with that?

. . . Full Story: "What's Wrong With Google's Gmail Anti-Virus?"

Posted by Mike Elgan at 10:47 AM | Permalink | Comments

December 02, 2005
Why Help Mozilla?

I'm always suspicious when a business asks its customers to do its work. It's unnatural for a for-profit company to offer a product and then ask the people who use it to help the business make money. After all, capitalism depends on companies selling products, and on people deciding whether the goods are worth their hard-earned money.

. . . Full Story: "Why Help Mozilla?"

Posted by Antone Gonsalves at 08:58 PM | Permalink | Comments

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