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March 09, 2006
Finally: A Camera Phone For Klutzes

A cool, ruggedized and water-resistant camera phone that's very popular in Japan and Korea called the Casio Hitachi NX9200 was approved today by the FCC for sale in the United States. Here's why you're going to want this phone.

The design of the NX9200 is based on Casio's G-Shock wristwach line, so it looks like sturdy phone for rugged, outdoor types -- a kind of Hummer that fits in your pocket.

In fact, it's so much like the G-Shock that it has what is basically a wristwatch face on the top of the phone, complete with date, time and other functions, among them a compass and stop watch.

Another cool feature is some wild high-resolution graphics for settings pages and other features on the inside display.

I don't know about you, but I drop my Treo 650 all the time. I have to admit that it has thus far survived. But when I do drop it, the phone, battery and plastic cover for the battery compartment all go flying in different directions. The Casio Hitachi NX9200 battery compartment closes with a giant screw, which can be turned with a quarter.

I also spend a lot of time sailing and at the beach, where water is always a threat to my electronics. The NX9200's water resistance isn't good enough for taking calls while scuba diving, but it will enable your phone to survive quick, accidental droppage in the water.

It also has a "bumper" that sticks out on the bottom, which you can use to strap it to a lanyard or backpack.

Unlike the Asian model, the U.S. version sports a EV-DO high-speed data and a stub antenna.

(via Phone Scoop)

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